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Academy of Polygraph Science

Providing all Phases of Polygraph Training

Student Testimonials

Academy of Polygraph Science

After graduating from polygraph school, I had a very difficult time finding an examiner that would give me a position as a polygraph intern. When Gary Davis was recommended to me, I contacted him and he offered me the internship I needed, and later gave me a full time contract polygraph examiner position. Learning from Gary was the turning point in my career as a polygraph examiner. His extensive knowledge about testing, interviewing, behavior and psychology mesh with his attention to detail and high work ethic to make an experienced and responsible examiner that is an asset to any investigation.

Samantha Tanner

Polygraph Examiner

I've had the privilege to work with Mr. Gary F Davis, for approximately three years. In my experience working with Mr. Davis in the field of Polygraph, he has graciously acted in the roles of teacher, mentor, and adviser. Mr. Davis's extensive experience working with people directly reflects his methods of teaching. Mr. Davis has the distinct ability to draw from his endless pool of knowledge in polygraph administration, and break down the paperback fundamentals to other examiners. Although Mr. Davis may originate from a traditional school of thought, he has the know‑how to take the core principles of polygraph school and teach others to practically apply them to state of the art, real life testing situations. Mr. Davis enables those who seek out out his advisement with on the job skills, one can directly apply to any level of polygraph administration, to ensure the examiner provides each client with a quality testing experience.

M. Smetana

While I was excited to attend polygraph school I was also quite apprehensive. I had heard horror stories from other examiners about how terrible school was. My fears were quickly laid to rest. That is not to say school was easy. APS polygraph school was simultaneously the most challenging and most rewarding undertaking of my life. I attended the first basic polygraph course offered in Boise, Idaho. Chip Morgan was the lead instructor. I have had other training classes from Chip in the past in different topics. I already knew him to be a capable and engaging instructor. However, I quickly learned what I had witnessed in the past was just the tip of the iceberg. Chip not only knows about polygraph, but is able to explain WHY the answer is what it is to every single question. Chip worked tirelessly for 10 weeks to ensure his students received the best polygraph instruction possible.

Ben Blalock came to Boise for the first week of school. His knowledge of polygraph is second to

none. His passion for polygraph was contagious. He promised the class that at APS we would learn not only WHAT to do, but WHY we were doing it. He was correct. 

It was clear from the first day through the last that the instructors at APS had the students’ best

interest at heart. I am confident I’ve gotten a premier education in the science of polygraph and the art of applying that science. I also believe I’ve been welcomed into the APS family. This experience has changed not only the course of my career, but I believe it has also changed the course of my life.

Melinda Croswell

Boise, Idaho

I believe that there is no where in the world I could have received a better education in the polygraph craft. I decided to walk away from a career in counseling upon the invitation of a friend to join his polygraph firm. My decision to join him was largely do to the fact that polygraph has been in invaluable component of my work with adolescent's that have engaged in sexual misconduct (SO).

During my debate about entering the profession many of my clinician peers seemed wary of my decision to jump into a science that they felt was on dubious empirical ground. As a result I began to study the Journal of Polygraph and became thoroughly convinced that the science backs up the craft, and the more I learned the more interested I became. 

I can get fixated on things and I found nothing but support for my desire to practice skills and acquire knowledge. I was given several books and countless journal articles to read throughout the course of the training which added a substantive underpinning to the overall education. Anytime I was struggling with a concept and requested information I was given additional supplemental materials. Whenever I was struggling with an idea and needed to talk it out Chip and Ben were fully engaged in debating information and allowing me to work through thoughts by bouncing off them e-mails, texts, and direct conversation. 

The APS school philosophy is to not only teach the method and rule, but the rational and the foundational reason for what we are doing. There was a time in class where there was a debate over PLE and during class we had several of the greatest minds in polygraph research call in and explain to us the science behind the measurements. This was all sparked from a debate among the students, and when the instructor did not know the answer, he went to the individuals that developed the computer algorithms in the first place. I would strongly recommend APS to anyone interested in being at the cutting edge of polygraph science.

Jared Rockwood, LCSW

Intermountain Polygraph, LLC

Catapult Counseling, LLC 

I would like to submit the following testimonial:

I’m a recent graduate from APS and I just completed my first criminal polygraph in reference to a sexual abuse allegation, regarding a 32 yoa Uncle (suspect) inappropriately touching his 6 yoa niece (victim). 

The results of the polygraph indicated that the examinee was not being truthful and once he was confronted with the polygraph results, a confession was given. The polygraph gave me the ultimate advantage that broke down the examinee’s defensive “wall”. 

The overall experience was truly rewarding and it would not have been possible without the instruction that I received while attending APS. The basic examiners course offered by APS is instructed by excellent instructors who have real-world knowledge and experience. 

Once you graduate you will have everything you need to be truly successful in this field. The basic course is intense and demanding, but I would go through it all over again, just to experience the feeling of accomplishment, after conducting a real world exam.

I truly do appreciate all that you all taught me! It is hard to describe in words the feelings I felt while conducting this polygraph… It was almost like a constant feeling of euphoria, once I saw what the examinee said during the pre-test and his physiological responses to the questions, it was truly amazing. 

I took great satisfaction in knowing that all my hard work paid off and a six year old victims statements were corroborated by the suspects confession. I took pride in knowing that this scientific knowledge and instrument helped close an investigation. 

Thanks again and Roll Tide!

Investigator Robert Overstreet

Criminal Investigations Division

Baldwin County Sheriff's Office

I had the greatest training opportunity of my life when taking the Academy of Polygraph Science’s Basic Examiner Course in August of 2015. The content and presentations by ALL the instructors was consistently high quality and engaging. It was presented by the very best instructor in each field, whether it was a medical doctor, attorney, mental health professional or seasoned Polygraph Examiner. Most importantly, each session provided an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each area – while challenging every prospective polygraph examiner to clarify and to find our own answers. I feel that all the techniques used, the methods, the videos/PowerPoint were extremely good and more importantly highly relevant. Furthermore all of the information provided was the most up to date, validated and Best Practice compliant.

At no point did I feel that the training was “long” or “dragging on”. Even towards the end of each training day I felt that there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm. It is great to have Polygraph Instructors with so much drive. This energy all seems to trickle down from Ben Blalock who is the director of this incredible school. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises and presentations had my full attention due to the way in which they were conducted. With that being said, this course is not for the faint at heart, someone just going through the motions or the unmotivated. You will work long, you will work hard and you will work intelligently. APS has left me with lifelong friends who were my classmates who traveled from all over the world to come to the Best School in the World. These classmates have now morphed from students to capable and qualified examiners who I will rely on as my support network. APS has also given me the confidence immediately upon graduation to do ANY type of polygraph examination, whether it is a fidelity exam, homicide or sexual abuse. Lastly I leave APS knowing that Ben and all of his instructors are so passionate about Polygraph Examinations that their wisdom, support and expertise are a phone call away.

Michael Dorto


Major Case Squad

New York City Police Department

I am so glad that I chose the Academy of Polygraph Science to be trained as a Polygraph Examiner. It has been a challenging experience to come to Florida since I come from Guatemala and I do not have a law enforcement background; since the training started I received very valuable information about it and support from the instructors and classmates. I can say that I chose the best polygraph school, I had the best instructors, who shared their valuable knowledge and experiences about polygraph; I really appreciate their permanent support and motivation to always give the best during the course and in the future as professional polygraph examiners. Thank you very much for everything APS! I will for sure come back for updated training.

Vanessa Delgado


When I first came across this course it actually sounded too good to be true to me. I thought there is no way I found something that has so many positive reviews that fast. But I signed up for the course and honestly I am so glad that I did. I had no idea what to expect from the course and I was really nervous when the first day came around. But I would not trade this experience for anything. The instructors were all very nice and very helpful with anything. The classmates that I had were all very nice and we worked as a big team and if any of us needed help there was no hesitation and we would all help each other or would work as a team to find out the right answer.

I never thought that I would be so interested and passionate about something like polygraph. But now I cannot think of anything else I would rather do. Since I was one who had no previous law enforcement background, having law enforcement students in my class was very helpful.

Since I already live in Florida it wasn't that hard for me to leave my place for a little bit. But there is a lot of help from the director and instructors about the area, or on anything you would have questions or needed help with.The course wasn't always easy and it will challenge you but what helped me was that I had great classmates and instructors that teach in the Polygraph Academy who only want you to succeed.

Margarita Freshman

Miami, FL

Choosing to attend the Academy of Polygraph Science was far and away the best decision I could have made. The class instruction is grounded solely in the research and science behind Polygraph, which was something that is very important to me. Ben is a big advocate of science and best practices, and is very thorough in his instruction. Overall, this course has left me in the best, most prepared position I possibly could be in to begin my career as a polygraph examiner. Feel free to contact me with any questions about the course at [email protected]

Thanks again, APS!

Spencer Brown

New Mexico

It would be hard to imagine a professional more passionate about his field. Ben Blalock is not only a Master at polygraph technique, he is remarkably skilled at educating students to reach the highest level of competence. In addition to the exceptional educational experience you will receive from Mr. Blalock, the Academy of Polygraph Science gathers a group of additional instructors that offer a vast amount of useful expertise.

Tracy Lee, Esq.

Attorney at Law

PO Box 25543

Sarasota, FL 34277

(941) 773-2840

When researching a polygraph school to attend I read and heard great reviews about APS. I have been in law enforcement for almost 18 years and on the first day of class at APS it was apparent that it was not going to be a typical law enforcement type class. APS provided me with what I feel was the best polygraph training out there. Training was very intense and requires you to fully devote your time and attention to nothing but polygraph training for 10 weeks.

Even with the amount of pressure that is put on you during training, I had one of the greatest experiences of my life. All of APS instructors are very knowledgeable and will take as much time that is needed to make certain you understand the materials presented. I would definitely recommend APS for anyone wanting to get the best polygraph training possible, but be prepared to be tested like you have probably never been tested before.

Sergeant David Doyle

Henry County Sheriff’s Office, TN

Criminal Investigation Division

I was reluctant to enroll; timid because of my age and the fact that I am changing horses not mid-stream but closer to the other shore. The curriculum was promised to be slack, every day layered upon every day.

Started right off running charts, scoring charts, foundations in psychology, physiology, law, interrogation and interviewing techniques. The instructors were experts in their respective fields and passionate in sharing their knowledge. Professional polygraphist from law-enforcement and the private sector sharing experience and knowledge, patiently answering even the most naive question.

Was it hard? In retrospect maybe the most difficult and the most rewarding course I have ever under-taken. Perhaps the most valuable part of the class was interaction with fellow students. International students, law enforcement with years on the job, recent college graduates, lawyer, social worker, biologist, minister; a diverse and blithe spirited dynamic each contributing, assisting and supporting. I don’t think I have been exposed to so diverse a group, nor one willing to sacrifice their very valuable time to assist each other.Would I recommend APS to others…maybe not. If you’re looking for a free ride, no! If you just want to get by and just get the minimum, no! If you want to experience “the way we used to do it” probably not! If you want exposure to today’s technology, with today’s best practices based on empirical studies, with an unyielding demand for excellence then the Academy of Polygraph Science is where you ought to be.

Alan Dial

I was so nervous to sign up for this class but I am so glad I did. I even second guessed myself a few times. Being so young, 23, it was very challenging in some areas because I do not have a law enforcement background. No, you do not need a law enforcement background to take the course but the ones in law enforcement did have that advantage of interview and interrogation skills. My classmates, as well as Ben were so helpful and supportive of me throughout the course.

Being a recent college graduate, I would have to say Ben does not even compare to some of my college professors. Even though he (the class) demands a lot, he meant well. You can tell polygraph is his passion and that he really cares about the class. When we were down and stressed out, he made class fun and reminded us of how great this experience will be for our careers.

Coming from Kansas, it was hard to be away from my family but if I wasn’t it would have been too much of a distraction. This course is VERY time consuming and intense. We were in every week day, including weekends.

Even though it was a big headache at time, it was worth it. I am so excited that I took the opportunity to take this course because it opened a whole new world and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

If anyone has any questions about the course or anything, feel free to email me.

Kari Mysker

Lawrence, KS

This course is extremely intense and requires a lot of time and devotion on the student’s part. Despite those factors, the reward upon completion of the course is tremendous. The instructors for each block are knowledgeable of their craft and help in every way possible to help each student succeed. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has the desire to be a polygraph examiner and the ambition to be the best!


Fort Myers, Florida

This course is not for the lighthearted person. It is a very demanding course where knowledge and commitment go hand in hand. Ben Blalock is a great instructor and knows how to teach not only the validated polygraph techniques, but the correct and ethical way to administer a proper polygraph examination. After completing this course, there is no doubt that the graduates from this school are more knowledgeable about polygraphy than any other school in the world. 


Plant City, Florida

I was very fortunate to have chosen APS. I have been to a lot of training in my career and nothing has come close to the quality that APS gives to each and every student. Demanding... professional... exacting...thorough... and even fun. These are all words to describe the polygraph course in Ft. Myers. Ben Blalock and his panel of professional instructors are second to none. I highly recommend APS Polygraph School."

Sgt. Earl Lorence

Clarkstown (New York) Police Department

My lieutenant spent a significant amount of time researching for the best polygraph school. When he told me the #1 choice was in Fort Myers, Florida, I wasn't thrilled as I live in Washington State and the course was in the middle of summer. Fast forward to graduation week and I am so glad I went to APS. First off, this area is beautiful. I brought my bike and rode over 1,000 miles. Beaches are minutes away and everything is convenient. I stayed in a beautiful condo which was cheaper than living in a cheap motel in California. The class instruction was great and although I dreaded sitting in a classroom for 10 weeks, I was never bored or felt that I was wasting a minute. We were on the instruments the first week which not only gave us more practice than any other school, but we also had a better grasp of the lessons that followed. It was a lot of work, homework, tests, essays, and going to the class on some it paid off in the end. The school director, Ben Blalock, was the main instructor and I always felt confident that he was teaching us the best of everything. His knowledge of polygraph was unbeatable and his passion for the profession was intense. His instruction was so good that I am confident enough to have polygraph exams scheduled the week I return.

K. Kowalchyk

Everett PD

Everett, Washington

I retired early to be able to attend APS' first class of 2014. I was a Federal Special Agent (SA) for 25 years & worked fraud, white collar, fugitives and IA. As such I conducted hundreds of interviews and worked in multiple States and jurisdictions. During my career, I have attended and taught multiple training courses, including FLETC (the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center), but none provided as rigorous and thorough a curriculum as APS's "Basic" Examiner's Course. Further, none of my prior training provided the same level of solid practical application instruction that this course does.

As an 'Independent' student who paid his own way, I was pleased that I received every penny's worth of my training. APS's course provides comprehensive, current and encompassing training, allowing for the best skills and abilities to be obtained.APS and Ben Blalock's course not only prepared me for my future in PDD (psychophysiological detection of deception AKA polygraph), this course allowed me to return home and hit the ground running. Within one week of my I was at 'the office' and at work with no trepidation.

If you want to graduate with the confidence and ability to perform top notch PDD exams, then I recommend APS and Ben Blalock's program.

Matthew W. Lampo

San Francisco, California Bay Area

As past president of the American Polygraph Association and a chairman of the School Accreditation Committee, I was responsible for the quality of polygraph training at schools throughout the world. Ben Blalock came to my attention when he put on a program for our state polygraph association. The instruction covered a broad field of polygraph practice and was put on in a superlative manner. Ben has a passion for our profession and this is readily apparent when you interact with him. His experience in the "real world" as well as his background in academia makes him an ideal school director, as well as field practitioner. If you are contemplating training in or its related subsets, you would be well served if you contacted Ben Blalock at (630) 258-9030.

Edward I. Gelb

Past President APA

Simply the Best' sums up APS and the entire Staff. Knowledgeable, talented and informative Instructors with a nonpareil curriculum make the Basic Course the most thorough training in detection of deception available. The instruction covers all aspects the broad field of polygraph practice. APS instructs and requires students to utilize the best practical applications and scientifically approved methods. The classroom environment and facility are geared to higher learning. Classroom and homework assignments that ensure students will not only to learn the "how to" but more importantly the "why". The opportunities afforded to students are incredible. Not many schools can provide the opportunity to practice on subjects with real but APS delivers. The rigorous curriculum, training, and practical testing provides successful graduates with the confidence, knowledge, and skills to successfully administer the best polygraph exams immediately upon graduation. Ben Blalock and his staff of professionals are simply the best.


Detective Sergeant


I just wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation and training you provided at our seminar this week. The material you presented was extremely interesting and easy to understand. I have heard nothing but positive comments from the members in attendance. The only negative thing I have heard was they wished they had a few more days of your training! It is apparent that you love your work. I think the and Direct Lie Comparison Questions will be catching on big time in California. Thanks to you, our members all have another set of tools to add to their professional tool boxes.Keep up the great work.

Ted Todd


California Association of Polygraph Examiners

The Academy of Polygraph Science was recommended to me by several past students.

The Academy’s Director, Ben Blalock, is an enthusiastic ambassador for the polygraph profession. Director Blalock and his staff of instructors are very knowledgeable polygraph and the associated subjects. The opportunity for hands-on experience with the polygraph instruments provided this student with valuable training. I highly recommend The Academy of Polygraph Science to anyone looking for a challenging academic experience.

Gary Jackson

Supervisory Special Agent

Drug Enforcement Administration (retired)

I recently attended the Academy of Polygraph Science as a new student (2015). The APS school was selected by supervisors and an established polygraph examiner from within my agency. After seeing the outstanding work product of another recent APS graduate from the same area, they decided that APS was my best option for polygraph training. Although I do not have other polygraph school experience to compare it to, I am confident that the training I received at APS was at the highest level in the profession. From day one, students were able to spend time on polygraph instruments. This would continue throughout the 10 week course. This time on instruments allowed me to become very familiar and comfortable with the whole process of setting up and running a polygraph examination. All of the APS instructors were very dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable. After graduation I felt confident in my abilities, ready to hit the ground running and start conducting polygraph examinations upon my return home.

Det. T. Johnson

Salem Police Department

Salem, Oregon  

I just completed the APS PCSOT course from Sept 22-26 for continuing education. Prior to selecting APS, I was told about Ben's enthusiasm and teaching style by other examiners. I reviewed past testimonials from his prior students on the APS website. Ben definitely enjoys his job and truly wants all his students to be the best in the field. Although I will not be conducting PCSOT exams in the near future, this course definitely will help me in conducting criminal specific issue tests.I recommend Ben's course for PCSOT examiners as well as for continuing education. He goes above and beyond expectations!

Keith Harvey

Macomb County Sheriff's Office

Mt Clemens Michigan

My agency has used the Academy of Polygraph Science to train several of our polygraph examiners. The training is thorough and professional. All of the instructors are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to the success of the student. I highly recommend attending this school for training and continuing education needs.

Barbara Jackson

Collier County Sheriff’s Office

Naples, Florida

This class [PCSOT Certification Course] was exceptional and was well above all of my expectations. I am thrilled I chose APS for the PCSOT training as I believe I received the best education on this topic that is available. I have been to many Polygraph Seminars and trainings and Ben is one of, if not the most knowledgeable, interactive, great instructors I have had. Thank you again and I will highly recommend this class to anyone interested in PCSOT. I will also recommend the basic course based solely on the instructor.

Chuck Searcy


Thanks Ben. After almost giving up in the first week of the Basic Course you convinced me to continue and I am glad that you did! It has been a difficult process for an old dog to learn new tricks; but I did. Indeed it has been a cathartic experience at times! The course, its emphasis on theory and practical application especially, plus the instructors were excellent. The participants were a great group of people too.

If anyone in the UK wants my feedback and advice ref. the course, travel/hotels, etc, then I am at [email protected]

Thanks again and best wishes.

John Burton

United Kingdom

APS Ft. Myers basic examiner's course and PCSOT course were two of the most challenging yet rewarding courses I have ever attended. Ben is an amazing instructor with enthusiasm and knowledge of Polygraph that is unmatched. Ben wants his students to be the best in the world and teaches to that level. Examiners that attended other polygraph schools joined those of us that stayed for PCSOT and it was a true testament to how good APS is.

I have been away from home for 11 weeks and would do it all over again. APS is hands down the best polygraph school in the world!!!

Keep up the excellent work Ben!!!



I wanted to send this correspondence to thank you and your staff for presenting an outstanding class in introducing examiners to the proper and accepted methodology that is utilized when administering a PCSOT polygraph examination. Without your patience and support, I feel quite certain absorbing and learning the required material would have been much more difficult than it was for me. Your presentation was outstanding and I have, as always, never hesitated in recommending [you] to any other law enforcement officer, agency, and other acquaintances who are interested in the proper methodology in the science of polygraph.

Lieutenant Jim Tillett

Division of the Florida Highway Patrol

Past FPA Board Member

Member APA

"I was told to come to this school because it was one of the best in the country. I couldn't have been happier making this decision. Ben is a fantastic teacher and you will be more than happy going to this school over any other."

Marcus Cortese

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Out of all the courses I've taken in my 7 years of law enforcement, this was by far the most challenging and most rewarding course I have taken. This course gives you all the necessary tools to become a successful examiner in the field of polygraph and is taught by some of the most knowledgeable and respected instructors. After enrolling and successfully completing this course, I feel well prepared to tackle any subject involving deception. This course is constructed in a way that makes you work hard but helps you understand and practically apply what you learned quickly. This is with out a doubt the best course I've ever "

Matthew Garrett

Miami, FL

"I have been in law enforcement for a number of years and attended many training courses. Ben's course is the hardest training I have ever had, but also the most rewarding! Becoming a polygraph examiner has been a goal for many years and as hard as Ben's course was, I now have the confidence to utilize the polygraph in criminal investigations. Ben's knowledge in the polygraph field is amazing. You will find that Ben has not only the practical knowledge needed to instruct you in the polygraph field, he also is involved in the research aspect as well. Ben and his instructors take the time to answer your questions and offer real world examples that will assist you in showing your agency that the money was well spent. Highly recommend the Academy of Polygraph Science and Ben Blalock!"

Detective Robert Neale

Highlands County Sheriff's Office

"In my 22 years of law enforcement Ben Blalock has to the most knowledgeable, patient, demanding, and inspirational instructors I ever had. His experienced staff is comprised of examiners and instructors with diverse backgrounds stemming from federal, state, and municipal law-enforcement as well as a medical doctor for physiological instruction and a licensed mental health counselor for psychology instruction. I graduated the Academy of Polygraph Science in November of 2013 and I am extremely confident in my new abilities as a polygraph examiner and know that my agency and the community which I serve will benefit greatly. I am extremely proud that I can say that I graduated from APS and was taught by the best. Anyone who is considering attending polygraph school I cannot say how deeply I am impressed with Ben Blalock and highly recommend APS. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]"

John Westlake


Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants a thorough and fully immersive understanding of polygraph. From the very first class Ben (APS Director and principle instructor) gave a complete and truthful account of what was expected of me and what I would need to achieve in order to succeed in my aim of becoming the best Polygraph examiner I can be. I felt fully engaged within Ben’s learning philosophy and despite the challenges of the first few weeks “chaos theory” Ben and his team of instructors were there to provide support and guidance.

The sheer volume of work is intensive and provided me and my fellow students with a lot of challenges to overcome but Ben’s depth of knowledge in the subject and his constant feedback and encouragement would ensure that I always felt fully aware of my own progress and what I needed to do to continue to improve my skills. This is not an easy course to take and no one should be under the assumption that because it is a basic examiners course that it is anything less than intensive and fully comprehensive. Ben will be forthright and honest from the word go. He told us that the course will make us the best Polygraph examiners that we can be but we will need to commit to hard work, effort and dedication in order to achieve our personal goals and become fully qualified Polygraph Examiner. This was not an idle statement!

Before leaving the UK to coming to the course I was unsure how passionate I would be about polygraph but through Ben’s engaging and enthusiastic style and his ability to question and explain almost simultaneously I quickly become an ardent fan of polygraph and passionate about the subject and the results that it can undoubtedly achieve.

At all times the learning is presented through a scientific understanding of polygraph, its processes and procedures whilst at the same time always ensuring that its history, Laws and ethics are never forgotten and are used to structure and support the central premise that polygraph can be a powerful instrument that is beneficial in so many ways to people and to society when it is used appropriately, scientifically and by examiners that have the knowledge an understanding that Ben provides in abundance at the school.

Coming from the UK and having never been in law enforcement I was initially concerned that I might not fully understand all aspects of the course. I can confidently say that I have understood, I have learnt immeasurably and although it has not been easy and has taken real effort I am very pleased with what I have achieved through Ben and his instructors tutelage and guidance."


United Kingdom

"In searching for a polygraph training course that would provide both a comprehensive academic curriculum in addition to extensive practical training, I was referred to the Academy of Polygraph Science by NUMEROUS individuals within the polygraph community. As such, I attended the basic course and although vigorous, this course lives up to its reputation. More specifically, the curriculum in addition to the APS Director’s training techniques are both geared to enable each individual student to reach his/her maximum potential as an examiner. As such, I felt the course was outstanding in every respect and that I obtained exceptional polygraph training at the APS."



I attended the basic examiner’s course in September of 2013 and the PCSOT in November of the same year. Ben is completely dedicated to the success of his students, and to the science of the polygraph in general. All students should enter the course knowing that they will be doing one of, if not the hardest thing they’ve ever done in their lives, but through this work they will walk away as an extremely educated and confident examiner. Ben and all the teachers portray a level of knowledge and helpfulness that is invaluable, and what is better, they genuinely care about the students and their level of knowledge gained.


My agency spent a lot of time and effort in researching polygraph schools prior to my attending the September 2013 class. From the time we contacted the Academy of Polygraph Science (APS), Ben Blalock and APS were set apart from the other schools we talked to. When we called, Ben himself answered. When we emailed, Ben responded promptly. He took the time to answer all of our questions, and thoroughly explain American Polygraph Association standards for polygraph training. All in all, Ben really went the extra mile to assist my department in making an informed decision. He also took the necessary steps to ensure that the training provided through APS was fully approved by Virginia's Polygraph Examiners Advisory Board for polygraph licensing.

The training itself was among the most comprehensive I have experienced in my law enforcement career. Ben was sure to not only explain the mechanics of the 'what', but also to present a thorough explanation of the 'why' which is often lacking in training curriculums. He made sure that no question went unanswered. I graduated feeling fully prepared to run exams using scientifically-based methodologies and best practices.

Captain Nathan Webel, CJM

Pamunkey Regional Jail

Hanover, Virginia

I recently attended the Academy of Polygraph Science (APS) in Ft. Myers, FL for the Basic Examiner’s Course. This school only teaches techniques that have been validated and backed by science. The curriculum, training, and practica are rigorous because the school’s Director Ben Blalock desires to modernize the polygraph profession to the higher standards seen in other areas of the scientific community. The rigorous curriculum, training, and practica will give you the confidence, knowledge, and skill to know you can successfully administer a polygraph immediately upon graduation."

Karen McDaniel

APS Graduate 2013-3

I recently had the privilege of attending the Academy of Polygraph Science in Fort Myers, Florida. The course was exceptionally challenging and well administered. The course director/lead instructor, Benjamin Blalock allowed the students to excel at individual levels by providing them with hands on instructions, reference material supporting scientific validated techniques, and expert instructors in their respective fields. I have attended a number of classes in my 17 years in law enforcement and 22 years in the military and this program far exceeds all the other schools I have attended.

Agent Don N. Reynolds

Homicide Major Crimes

Brevard County Sheriff's Office

This course was by far the most challenging and comprehensive course I have ever attended. The high intensity training format used was very effective and forced the student to learn far more, in far less time, than would typically be expected. This course was well thought out and based on sound, scientific principles that give the student the confidence to apply their knowledge in the field. The amount of classwork and homework, while appearing nearly impossible, challenges the student and develops a solid and practiced skill set. Despite the high level of instruction, the instructors provided an open and relaxed learning atmosphere which allowed the students to ask as many questions as were necessary to fully understand the topic. Additionally, the flexibility of the instructors and syllabus allowed for advanced and more specialized subject matter to be discussed when the basics were well understood. The level of enthusiasm and pride in their profession and the subject matter provided endless motivation for the students to not only succeed but to become the best in their field. After completing this course it was easy to understand the prestige this school carries in its field.

Troy Deavers

Brevard County Sheriff's Office

The Academy of Polygraph Science basic polygraph course has been, by far, the most intense course I have taken in my law enforcement career. The course is organized to maximize the amount of information you will receive about polygraph testing. The director, Ben Blalock, is extremely knowledgeable and provides his knowledge and vast experience to the course, making it even better. Ben’s approach to teaching the course makes it easier to absorb all the material provided. The classroom atmosphere provides for feedback from all students as well as students helping each other in the more difficult areas of the course. Ben works very hard to ensure all students have a solid understanding of the concepts and science behind the polygraph. For those who need further tutoring, Ben takes a “one-on one” approach so all of his students are well prepared for their career as a polygraphist. I couldn’t imagine receiving instruction on polygraph from any other institution.

Steven Hough

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

"This course is a very intense and tough 10 weeks. It is designed to push you out of your comfort zone and test your knowledge and skills learned along the way. Having no previous personal experience in law enforcement I felt at a disadvantage compared to my fellow classmates, though only for a short time.

Thanks to Ben and the other instructors, the information received was thorough and informative and they ensure no student would be left behind without fully grasping the material presented. With ample time for feedback and to practice learned skills, you truly gain a concrete foundation of the material and get back whatever you put into this course. The class worked together as a unit spending nights and weekends studying together and making sure everyone was on the same page and learning at the same pace.

I am taking so much more from this course than I believed I would. Not only do I have advanced knowledge in polygraph science and how to be the best examiner, I also gained confidence and pride in myself for the things I have accomplished while doing so. I can’t imagine gaining this amount of information and solid understanding of polygraphy from any other instructor or school."

Erin O’Malley Bentley

North Carolina

The Academy of Polygraph Science (APS), Ft Myers, FL is one of the most professionally demanding courses of study I have undergone in my 38 years as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and Intelligence Analyst. Director of the academy Ben Blalock, is a well-known researcher, instructor, polygraph examiner and published author regarding the field of polygraph. I consider the overall quality of the APS polygraph training program and instruction to be nothing less than the best in polygraph. The instructors are the best in their respective fields of study and the quality of their teaching is outstanding. During the 10 week training program, Director Blalock not only provides in depth quality instruction but also gives 110% effort to each student ensuring their professional development; skills and knowledge are developed to the highest possible level. Director Blalock demands a lot from his students but nothing more than he demands of himself. As a result, I consider the APS overall polygraph training program to be outstanding and highly recommend it to anyone, who is considering a professional career as a polygraph examiner.

Donald R. Bruce

President/Osprey Security and Investigations LLC

I am very pleased to have gone through this training, Since day one I have been challenged to overcome my differences, points of view and personal goals. It has been quite the experience, the instructors have been the most demanding and thoughtful instructors I have had in my life.

I can say I am a fortunate person by being here, I am grateful to have been trained in the proper way of polygraph training. Course Director and Instructors have used plenty of field experience and case examples.


Republic of Panama

The Basic Polygraph Examiner’s Course at the Academy of Polygraph Science (APS) is quite possibly the best class I have ever taken! Ben Blalock, the Director of APS is an amazing instructor and has a great staff of guest instructors! Anyone who is considering taking a basic polygraph class should place this one at the top of their list! But be prepared, this is not a class that you can just sit in back and relax in. APS is a VERY demanding, time consuming class, but it is worth every minute! You will not get better instruction anywhere!!!

Kyle Eversole

Wheat Ridge Police Department

Wheat Ridge, Colorado

I attended the Academy of Polygraph Science Basic Examiner's Course, 2013-4. The selection of this program was based on the solid reputation of the school and the instructors. From the moment I made contact with the school's director, Ben Blalock, I could tell this was the correct choice. Ben's passion for the polygraph profession was evident from the beginning. The instruction that I was given during the course was world-class and was based on sound scientific principles. I have taken countless courses throughout my 20 years in the military and 12 years in law enforcement and none compare to this instruction.

The practical experience during the course was beyond my expectations. The facilities and equipment available to the students are state of the art. The instructors are well respected in their fields, and are able to communicate their knowledge dynamically and effectively. They engaged me in a way that solidified the material deeply within me. The “real-world” experiences and simulations that the class was given engrained that even further.

At the completion of the course and instruction, I left knowing that I was ready to put to use immediately what I have been taught.

James Hutchinson

Detective, Homicide Unit

Milwaukee Police Department

[email protected]

"Before I decided what polygraph school to attend, I was advised by coworkers who are polygraph examiners about Mr. Ben Blalock and his school Academy of Polygraph Science. I was advised by the aforementioned examiners that they went to a different polygraph school but still recommended the Academy of Polygraph Science. I was told that Mr. Blalock is a very highly respected teacher and polygraph examiner. I was very impressed when I communicated with Mr. Blalock via email and telephone.

Mr. Blalock returned all my emails and telephone calls in quick manner, which means a lot in today's busy world. Upon arrival to the school, I noticed that Mr. Blalock immediately got to work with his students and began introducing the polygraph instrument. I was impressed with the quickness of instruction and application to both CPS Pro (Stoelting) and Lafayette software/instruments. It was quickly apparent that Mr. Blalock was sincerely concerned about his students. His enthusiasm towards the science of polygraph, polygraph education and the future of polygraph was above and beyond. After graduating the course, I realized how much I learned and felt confident to immediately begin conducting polygraph exams once returning back to work. Job well done Mr. Blalock."